The Mind Of Roman

Decoded Truth Vs Unwanted Promises

A promise is a crutch 2 prop up the will of a weak mind
the deffinition of lying 2 yourself… trying 2 change who you are inside

Anger comes before your sad because sadness is defeat
the truest things said r the things ppl try hard 2 say they didnt mean

Being filled up by a lier is like defeating a paper tiger
the only cure for a broken heart is alzheimer

Saying your something dont make it so but not having 2 gets u close
compliment + compliment + lie = zero

Anyone is capable of Fallin in love with u but only u can make them fall out
Pity is a forfiture of standing thats why its handed down

When someone loves u alot it makes u feel better than you are
saying sorry is like kissing someones ass and they might fart

Blame is the loosing battle between conscience verses intellect
u always want what u cant have cause it exsists perfectly in your head

Sorry aint capable of changing what happened just what happens after that
happness dont come from what u have it comes from what u almost have

Its a good thing forgiving is a choice cause believing in or trying 2 aint
the only way u can have a better day tomorrow is having a bad enough day today

When u base your decisions not in your future but in your present
your future becomes a result not a destination instead

Sometimes a piece of someones mind is a piece of their heart just an angry one
u just have 2 be strong enough 2 admit it fate is inside each of us – Roman Bishop

Mystical Fantasys

Scared Beauty


 Shes a beautiful shell but cracked on the inside,Didn’t realize because (Eye) couldn’t see the pain in her eyes,A prisoner in her mind, her body is filled with lies,Shes given up on herself so she hides in a mental cage,Then over shadows it with drugs makeup & a crooked smile..Her heart doesn’t exist because shes heartless,Her pain is easily over looked with options.. She paints pictures with her tears using them as ink,But gets tired of painting because it makes her weak.. Lost in a whirlwind of deception,false hope,insecurities & reruns! Once she realize that the key 2 her happiness is loving herself then that’s when she will heal from her scars….. Then be free from her cage! -Roman Bishop


Discover this foundation, Distance pleasure for different measures, Connected, Respected, Misdirected feelings… Quote miscellaneous ways of communication, I am the gladiator in the mist of the ghetto, Glazed with misery trying 2 win the crowd…


They call me Bishop B, The best in my own belief, Living life 2 succeed as I breath, Knowledge is due, Respect is offered in quantity sessions, I’m blessed sometimes tested for these lessons once questioned, Is revelation a tribe or quest 2 understand how life reveals 2 revenge itself in this population…

Your skin is your sin, Covered with blood as you are born in this world, You cant pretend even if you are a boy or a girl, Clear facts military is what flesh go through, Slanging, Banging, maintaining in the hood is what most blacks go through, Next is the chain gang which locks the mines of those who are in suspense of there lives, making it reality in the media eyes, So they can falsify like the F.B.I but witness grown men cry locking them out of there children’s lives, Question is who do you believe in or blessed cause your still breathing??


Familiar with hard times, chrome nines, and writing rhymes its time 2 shine reaching out 2 my kind with prime….



Signs of truth

Storms of Youth

Cant catch the lies they pronounce (Clue)

Watch as the sunsets

Watch as the ice melt

Cant face whats steady but ready for the world

Watch as the clock reaches 12


He who takes get tooken for granted

Rest assure that really wasn’t  planned

We are seekers of a pledge of redemption..

Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X, Luther King, Public Enemy now get rid of me cause aint no sin in me (What was that About?)

Hey 2 live is a honor, respect it or forget it

Cause we lease this flesh after all some of us are blessed

Why do the good die young? As I hear a pistol  before I run

These are the thoughts of corpse found without a gun

(Wait) See purpose can provide essence (UH) Take me back 2 the fools that cant see into time  but swear they can read mines

but when all of its over just press rewind… -Roman Bishop

Poetic Sex

Let me caress your mind with this mind sex, First as I undress you with my eyes, From blouse 2 skirt, Taking my time trying 2 flirt, Eye contact is mentally exposed, Feeling your pulse as your body get lured, Prepare the ice 2 cool you down, The clothes are off, Now the time is mine, Kissing you the passion begins your neck will respect the tongue of an gentlemen, Rubbing your body with oils of fruit making sure the motion is loose, As you begin 2 melt like wax I begin 2 play the sax, Listen 2 the tones of this sexual healing putting together temptation of feeling…..
Touch is revealed, Simple moves 2 curve inside the palace making you move with satisfaction, Juices will flow, they cant be held, Let it go baby melt, Melt into this tasteful exposer, Let your mind free hold your legs as I kneel on bended knee, As the tongue meets tongue you cant fight the feeling….

Tears will come upon for this is a good as feeling, Throbbing with beats by the minute, Its almost time for me 2 put my _ _ _ _ up in it…

Scratch, Pull, Bite, Scream, Pull me closer before you cream, Just before you reach ecstasy I will pull you back, Now watch and see, Curious with what’s next 2 come, Hold on, Dont move, your body is numb…

Slowly as I place myself inside of you, Wetness you become before time is due, Hitting it fast, then slow couple of rolls out of control…

Dip=Drop=Push=Pop your loving the way I make that _ _ _ _ _ pop. Fill in the blanks, But when your done (You’ve just been cumed)… -Roman Bishop

Ghetto Politics 

Dont judge a book by its cover, Those who do cant explain the cover slow down and see read what’s written take notes, Just because it seems ok dont make it convenient 2 copyright the materials that’s not understood by the eyes of destruction. This is dialect dialogue is like a diamond that shines over those who are deceitful determine 2 experience overindulgence an event 2 exclaim power, If its the mouth or money or just the surrounding I exist 2 be heard and not taken for granted, This masterpiece cant be matched nor ignored, Those that are ignorant cant identify the intelligence introduced 2 them just insult 2 make an solution for themselves.

Never no sorrow of an poetic solider, The solution is 2 keep faith and never surrender 2 sustain taboo, These tactics will hold those who are lost with themselves clueless and swift 2 tear this technique with an technical foul which home court advantage is always contemporary also bitter sweet, Its official that possessive portrayal favorable 2 point and not direct attention 2 themselves…

Its like pork, pollution, politics, and police

Pork is the pig, Pig is the police, Police is the politics and what do they have in common pollution 2 pollute best way possible even if wrong 2 them wrong is right and as long they have the position 2 be possessive only GOD can pronounce the true identity of there profession…  -Roman Bishop

Ghetto Gladiator 

In the present of the warrior 2 be……….

Blazing crazy, Walls that made me, Shady like Grady

Eyes of emotion, Dropping like an roller coaster, Paid 2 breath, Cant take this sand of rocks in my hand, Living the limit cast fortune and shine so shall I be baptisized in the valley of rhymes, Days will pass which speech is complete, Take me world cause you cant see the soul in me, maybe a print what identifies me now seek fallen 2 this message, That’s very well respected also blessed with 2 catch what’s destine 2 believe in this legend…


Explain this feelings one day as you lay there sleep, But everyday you wake up its a different story but deja-vu in this out spoken land.

Pleasure and Practice becomes 2 always knock heads but Drama and Static aint trying 2 be locked up or dead.

Music is Love unleashed 2 the ears of us peers listen 2 begin how life is not without sin tears of an clown or a thug with drugs, guns, living on the run on living without love watching for the dove.

Praying 2 nuns survive then realize its proper with prize, poetry, positivistic, until the end of time.

Hell is what you live and see killing everyday, Be with pride hold steady for another day. -Roman Bishop

Love is sweet, Love is unique, Love is maintenance between an apple or peach, Juices that flow mixed in between the clothes prepare 2 unravel qualified the recognized land, Love is written before the trumpet plays the notes which will wake the princess 2 this day making it trust, honor, respect for who plays the perfect note which reaches dreams in connected 2 specialized structure…..

Taking the feet then cleanse, Purify the hands with pure water as the candles burn, At this time the body will sweat as its molded with clay, Sculpture the breast making firm as the mind begin 2 sculpture itself, Seek out a heart that is pure as gold, Eyes that are as clear as pearls, Hair thats fine as silk a perfect woman 2 make time 2 elope, Soul of an survivor dominate strong beauty is born.

Clear 2 see this woman completes me, Never beneath me, Connected respected its my bride 2 be


Loving her walk, her talk, her lips, her size, her eyes, oh my shes my prize, so fly never left alone sweet poetic tone, Voice your opinion discover this love mission never pretending but always pay attention, So listen as the sun-sets the wind will blow its the mist will provide this love 2 exist…..   Roman Bishop

Do you see the example of how questions are revealed 2 these common eyes, Wonder catch these feelings that are given 2 provide 2 heal this essence which can explain true love…

Handle me with care, Never stare respect is given in different quantities plash fakes odds sake sad emotions which is not fare upon those who have no idea 2 take heed for this written creed.

Keep me close 2 your heart as I make you lost but found which makes hints, Please take insight. Its not what you think its what you believe what you see what you need 2 fulfill your every need mentally also physical…


You are my question in my dream as I drift upon these clouds of reality taking my time 2 understand why an were did you come from, But 2 think complete be humble, Taking control of this situation of disagreement can always speak for itself with in chattered respondents that pull you in the pits of fail…

Breath begin 2 let scriptures of life come 2 trouble but 2 build a better, wiser, more involved in the world of his peers of confused projects, dialect, politics, and love you couldn’t forget as this world sweats….

So prepare 2 handle with care, sometimes not fare but I dare you declare war on those who hide this from this air we believe is bare, Teach what is right direct a message of truth that comes between a form that’s complete….

So rise let me inside your mind take an natural high seems like your an butterfly that’s driven 2 fly over these lies that makes you cry, But hope and try believe it doesn’t have 2 be all the time picture together we connected well respected toasting a glass of champagne, Blessing times together now catch this, I’ve just blessed it trying 2 stick with you this valley holds no clue 2 chose 2 never lose you, But 2 prove that you are beautiful inside of a lost mind also solid heart, So handle with care as you breath this air which is prayer…..

A bird in a cage gazed at the stars she knew she was never get past the bars a bird in the cage with no where to fly no where to live and no where to die then the cage was opened she was free to go but she couldn’t leave her prison she just didn’t know how she died in her anguish as she gazed at the view her cage was her prison and that’s all she knew.

I lie on my bed looking out of the window looking at the blue sunset sky listening to although noises of the children playing and the birds singing how I sit in misery waiting for something good to happen to me why is it always me that gets shut in the dark? Why can’t I ever see the light? Is there something wrong with me that I have to hide? Hide away from all these people that pass me on the streets why cant I be treated equally with respect and loyalty I want to be the same as everyone else is that too much o ask?


Remember how life used to be, and how we laughed and cried? remember how we used to play , the way we’d run and hide? Remember all the secrets we shared? It brings me back a smile, remember how we used to fight, every once in while? Remember how we used to talk and remember those days together, remember how I told you that our love would last forever? But now it seems so different, we have drifted apart, days aren’t what they use to be, your not the answer to my heart I guess its time to leave u, but there is something I will never forget its at times we spent together And the way we first met!

Why the fuck am I still awake, for one reason only, these thoughts that eat from inside out, these thoughts that fuck with everything I am, could you cause anymore confusion than you already done, can you see anything in my eyes @all “don’t leave me here like this anymore, every time I open my eyes, its like I’m letting in more of your lies, I try to act, like I don’t care, but I can’t denied what your hatred meant to me.   – Roman Bishop

The 7 Day Theroy


Drift away with me, On the sands of cancun, while we provide each other with thoughts, Love that was almost lost, By those who dont understand us love 2 talk mixed emotions but stay focused.



As I take my time 2 write this passage, The clouds will appear


Hopefully in time you will meet me at the pyramids where we first drunk each other tears. Who shall we fear is this world of broken dreams that leaves us seeing these rings of,



Rainy days,Blue Flames,Winter Nights.


Indeed this is what I see.


Indeed this is what I speak.


Indeed this is whats eating me.


Indeed I will listen as I need.



Lessons are meaning,changes are steps that we over look with in our paused eyes but seems our prize.


Life influences me to pray for another day, But the hate wont go away. Terminate the war then see what lies between out faith.Those who are not happy are feeding the hate.



7 eyes


7 ears


7 signs


7 fears


7 blacks


7 whites


7 times that we will shed the world tears.      -Roman Bishop



#The Road 2 Success -Swagghop Edition

More often than not,

there are obstacles placed in the paths of our direction 2 success,

leading us into one-way traffic and mass confusion.


We pull over 2 read from a road map with no lines

and names of a city we don’t see,

yet never reading the billboard sign thrust boldly before thee…



More often than not, we are stripped of our pride

and criticized for our confidence.

Our ability 2 overcome fatigue while driving becomes impossible,

especially in the dark…


More often than not,

our journey down the road 2 success

will detour, derail and sometimes venture off course;

yet if we filled our tanks with unlimited ambition,

and maintained a spare Prayer,

in addition 2 our spare tire,

not only would we arrive safely at

our desired destination,

but have energy

to go on… #AwaitingMyDestination  -Roman Bishop



The Darkness Within

A hollow mind keeps empty thoughts
Shallow eyes watch as it rots
A tear for every unanswered question
One drop of blood for each word unmentioned
A tumorous growth expands
The dying heart cries its demands
To please stop holding emotions inside
Imprisoning motion in a bottle of pride
Chained 2 the wall that was built with lies
Thunder crashes down from the angry skies
A leak in the ROOF drips like water torture
Pounding on the head until the inevitable forfeiture
Immobilized in the electric chair
Showing the sources of his eclectic stare
When it rains, it pours
But it cleanses the SORES
Stinging as it heals
Scarring where it seals
Widening the threshold for certain PAINS
Clinging 2 a few prophetic claims
Confessing and believing
Contradicting and agreeing
Sitting on neither side of the fence
Forgiveness is not guaranteed if he repents
Determined 2 at least give it a try
Hoping 2 no longer live in a lie
Drown the sound of the sinful voices
Tempting the heart 2 make bad choices
Thinking back on a life never celebrated
Remembering the names he has desecrated
The edge of darkness draws near
Or is it a mirage brought on by fear -Roman Bishop



Hidden Admiration 2 My Poetic Butterfly

A glance, a look-see

Unable 2 help stop the adoration

Briefly thinking, left wishing it was me

A glance at me, instant conviction.


Between a glance and delusion

And after the initial flight

Soft of heart, it’s probably an illusion

But you’ll be in my thoughts tonight.


I dream of one chance 2 say I like you,

a positive rendition 2 show you this fool.

Even as I know it’s hopeless, I can dream too…

Maybe in the next incarnation, this one’s just cruel.


You think I’m odd, most likely scary-strange at best,

Hell you’re most likely sure I’m nuts

but you’re too sweet 2 say the rest.

… The wish stings as the dream cuts.


You’re soft spoken and gentle, sweet

as helpful and as kind

when it chances us 2 meet

I find you haunting my mind.


A stupid crush, I know it.

Most likely pigs 2 fly than this

I thought I’d learn by now I’m unfit

Brief dream of your cheek 2 kiss


I’m sorry if I scare you

I know I shouldn’t stare

But bittersweet admiration 2

blame, I still look 2 see you there. -Roman Bishop

Only If She Knew (Who Are You?)

Hidden Agenda “Sex Chronicles Pt 1″

All of the people you have had sex with, you are sexing even still, you may never see them

again, but forget them you never will. Hopefully the only pain they left , is heartfelt and will heal,

and not the kind of sex reminder that has been known to kill. Here’s the deal, overstand if you

can, you have had too many partners if the count goes past one hand.


If you feel a need for multiple sex partners, something went wrong, did your sitter molest you

when mommy was gone? If you think sex will make you strong, you’re in the stupid zone. What

happens when you can’t get it on? You’ll have plenty now, but end up alone.


It’s really sad tho, there are those, who think sex is the way to gold. They don’t know, even a

dog humps low, horses go pro and a rabbit’s got a hole. You know it’s so, the life of a hoe,

there’s a head above the one you know and blow, find it and go. -Roman Bishop

The Great Debater


Is the dream worth the slumber? Is the number worth the name?

Is the cost of fame worth and deserving of the shame?

Is the peace worth the violence? Is the silence worth its weight?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

Is the cause worth the effect? Is perfection worth the time?

Is the climb up the ladder worth the nervousness and grime?

Is the reason worth the staying? Is the saying worth its slate?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

There’s a place at the table

They’re unable to attend

And they send their best regards

But it hardly makes amends

These solutions we are seeking

Didn’t peek their heads just now

They’ve been around since the sun

First begun to take its bow

Is the quest worth the promise? Is the drama worth the price?

Is the dice’s random throw worth the girth of sacrifice?

Is the trust worth the consequence? Is the fence worth the gate?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

Is the thought worth the action? Is subtraction worth the loss?

Is the blossoming of hope worth the mirthless paths to cross?

Is the echo worth the shouting? Is the doubting worth the fate?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

There’s a place at the table

They’re unable to fulfill

They’re unwilling to take sides

So they hide from us until

They’ve think we’ve all forgotten

But not in a million years

Why do they fear discussion

Can’t they justify their fears?

Is the journey worth the distance? Is resistance worth the fight?

Is the rights of you and me worth the unearthing of the plight?

Is the choice worth the bargain? Is an enemy worth the hate?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

Is the cure worth the sickness? Is the guess worth the chance

Is the thrill of romance worth the birth of circumstance?

Is the risk worth the penalty? Is the fee worth the freight?

The debate is finally open, but again they’re running late

There’s a place at the table

They’re unwilling to comply

They’re denying us from feeling

And I really don’t know why

Perhaps they’re not as learned

As they’re yearning to appear

And that’s why they fear discussion

They can’t justify their fears -Roman Bishop


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