Women who WORSHIP Sex & Why!! #NoFilters



Many women have been having sex since they were younger but it doesn’t mean that they have worshiped Dick before. A lot of girls have had sex in cars, bathrooms, at public parks, and hotels. I mean you name, I’m sure the average girl has done it, but that doesn’t mean that they have worshiped dick before.


There’s an elephant in the room, and that elephant is called “RAPE and MOLESTATION”. This elephant in the room, is usually many girls intro to sex. Since this is the case, millions of girls never approach sex from an artistic stand point. The sex isn’t ego-less like it should be, but who could it be, if their intro to sex is trauma.


How many girls feel safe when they are fucking? How many truly let their guard down? Not many and that’s totally understandable considering, on top of the sexual trauma, many girls have had a boyfriend or two, sexually shame them after the relationship ended, and that just added to the distrust they already had.




I’ve realized from many talks, that countless females, have been sharing their space with guys that aren’t even their friend. The relationship has never been whole, because guys lack the science of being some one’s friend and that science, is a higher degree of science than marriage is.


Marriage is many people’s end goal, and that’s ok, but there is nothing deep or unique about marriage, and to prove this, look at the relationships that people have after a divorce. How could those people who once shared the same bed with each other, now be bitter enemies. It’s like the last ten years never happen, because people play dirty.


When a man isn’t a woman’s friend he plays super dirty. Suddenly, he doesn’t care if she eats at night, and he isn’t concerned about your livelihood, but not too long ago, she used to swallow his cum. She even did anal with him, after sje swear to yourself that she would never do it, but she figured what the hell, “THIS IS MY HUSBAND RIGHT” Yea, he may have been your husband but in the back of your mind, he was never your friend.



Even though it looks like on the surface with him, you let go, but honestly you didn’t. Any nasty thing you ever did, was for him and not you, but true and authentic friendships don’t work like that. If this guy was really your friend, you would be glad to blow cum bubbles for him, but it isn’t for him, it’s for you, because you like to see the expression on his face.





No matter what idea’s you come up with, it’s like this dude is never supportive. He finds a way to knock everything you do, because he doesn’t respect your mind, especially if your ideas are more lucrative and practical than his. You’ll never be able to dick worship with this man, because secretly he’s your biggest hater.



A lot of guys are Jesus freaks, and there isn’t anything wrong with that except that, he really believes that women should always stay in a “WOMANS PLACE” He uses Christ as leverage to pull rank in the household even if you may be more dominant than him. The Jesus freak is an undercover hater as well, because he will never let you experience all the wild shit you have in your head without judgement. He may be a good provider and that’s why you stay, but that’s your fault for not having your own bread. You’ll never be able to worship his dick because he’s too damn stiff, and he’s stuck in his ways.



Nothing is more painful than talent that never flourishes. I believe that’s the primary reason people get sick. I believe the body starts breaking down because of unfulfilled desire and shattered dreams. If you really dig deep though you’ll realize the main reason a lot of guys didn’t make it is because of will.

There’s a reason he may be bitter, because he knows deep down inside he didn’t give it his all, and because of that, the woman suffers. It’s impossible for a woman to eagerly thrust her throat on her lover’s cock if the penis is filled with resentment.

If the guy has unfinished business out in the world the relationship will never have positive momentum.



  • LET HER BE HERSELF– It’s so many girls that are walking on eggshells because they have certain character traits they can’t share with their mate. It could be a certain quirkiness she has. or an intense sexuality, or it could be a super ratchet side that needs to be expressed every now and then. If a women suppresses any part of herself, it will change other parts of her, that are important like her sense of humor. What if she turned off her quest for new adventure to totally support the guy’s dreams?  Adventure is an important part of her life. Traveling, meeting new people fuel her creativity, but her sense of humor is associated with her sense of adventure. Now that her sense of humor is off as well, it will cause a domino effect, triggering other important character traits to become inoperable.
  • EFFECTIVE LISTENING– A lot of guys are just waiting to talk. Listening is an actual science. Often times women are talking, but they aren’t saying what they really mean so it takes a great ear to go deeper. Great listening produces incredible comfort. It can make two people feel like they’ve been knowing each other for many years even if the relationship is fresh. If he is quick to listen and slow to talk, then that is a great sign that he takes woman’s friendship seriously
  • NO JUDGEMENT– No judgement is important because we all have a past. We all bring baggage to the table, it just looks different. It’s levels to baggage, some people have had major shit happen to them so serious that just speaking of it, makes them emotional. Other people have baggage that’s less extreme, but it doesn’t matter though because everyone’s baggage should be respected, and never used as ammunition to injure.




I’m sure people are wondering, what does any of this have to do with Dick worship, well let me explain. Everything that I mentioned, deals with trust. Trust is the foundation to high frequency friendship, and that’s required if a woman is going to commit herself to egoless head. If a woman doesn’t completely lose herself when a cock is in her mouth then he isn’t her friend, and deep down inside she knows it.



If a woman decides to put a man’s dick in her mouth, she should do it intensely and insanely. She should totally be present, forgetting about time and space. His balls should be something that she makes love to, with her tongue. Her lips shouldn’t have any protest, she should be completely open to the idea of her throat being fucked, and spit being everywhere.


It takes a certain type of guy to put a woman in a whorish comfort zone. It takes friendship! It takes a bond that’s unbreakable, no matter what. Every woman sucks dick, but not every woman worships the dick.


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