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Local Florida film maker, writer and director is on a mission!

Movie Synopsis“Talented Monsters” is a story about an ex criminal and hit man named Collin who originally from Ireland ends up moving to London in his late teens after his parents pass away. Collin ends up meeting a man named Martin, an older established mid-level crime figure. For the next ten years Collin works for and establishes an odd and broken family style relationship with Martin. After authorities threaten to put Martin out of business, Collin and Martin flee London and move to Florida. Now in his thirty’s, Collin has stopped working with Martin and left his criminal past behind and is trying to live a normal life. Collin ends up meeting Liana, a Local painting art instructor and sparks up a strong connection that has the two becoming very emotionally involved with each other. When Martin becomes desperate and asks Collin to do one more job, Collin must decide whether to help out long time friend Martin and risk his chance at living a normal life and Liana finding out about his violent past or abandoning Martin, his only real family and continue to walk the straight path.

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Written and Directed by Joe Kurysh
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