Ben Carson Doesn’t Think Harriet Tubman Belongs On $20 Bill “Maybe A $2 Bill.” Rosa Parks’ Niece Responds “He Needs Surgery On His Brain” (Video)


    Retired neurosurgeon and failed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stirred up a hornet’s nest Wednesday, April 20, when he was asked his opinion about Harriet Tubman replacing America’s seventh president and slave owner, Andrew Jackson, on the $20 bill. Ben Carson talks about Harriet Tubman beginning at the 4:00 mark “Well I …

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President Barack Obama Picks Kendrick Lamar Over Drake In A Rap Battle


  President Barack Obama participated in a live streamed interview this afternoon withYouTube stars Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen and Adande Thorne at the White House where many of the questions were asked by YouTube viewers. Adande Thorne asked President Obama who would win in a rap battle betweenKendrick Lamar and Drake, the president didn’t hesitate …

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African-American Parenting With a Purpose: Turn Off the TV, Open Up a Book


  By Brother Victorious Via @AtlantaBlackStar As a middle school educator in a predominantly African-American community, I come into contact with many parents who are working to raise children who are successful in life’s endeavors. Their goal is similar to parents of other races, but the task is filled with many …

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